Transferring From the Retired Reserve to the IRR

Chapter 6, Section II, of AR a hundred and forty-10, states that a Soldier can switch from the Retired Reserve to the Ready Reserve. They can transfer to a TPU, IMA unit, or to the IRR.

This switch has to be voluntary. However, in the course of time of emergency or mass mobilizations, Soldiers inside the Retired Reserve are issue to mobilization. They can be mobilized from the Retired Reserve, or they can be transferred to the TPU, IMA, or IRR and be mobilized from there.

During the alternative instances; however, Retired Reserve Soldiers, if certified, can volunteer to transfer lower back to the Ready Reserve.


Retired Reserve Soldiers wanting to switch to the IRR must be qualified for the IRR, and should be certified for deployment. One documentation, that the Soldier wishes, is a document of clinical examination. This exam needs to be reviewed via an Army physician. The scientific exam, and assessment, should be inside 12 months.

Enlisted personnel must additionally be certified for immediate reenlistment. These requirements are indexed in AR one hundred forty-111. A Soldier wanting this type of switch need to be ready for an immediate reenlistment with concurrent switch to the IRR. If the Soldier is inquiring for switch to the TPU, or IMA, it might be an instantaneous reenlistment with concurrent transfer to the TPU or IMA.

Soldiers should meet the body fats necessities listed in AR 600-nine. Ideally, Soldiers within the Retired Reserve must be keeping physical health and be geared up to bypass the Army Physical Fitness Test. This isn’t always practical, and no longer each grey location retiree does this. Those wanting, or thinking about, mobilization or switch lower back to the Ready Reserve must consider remaining inside body fats requirements in addition to being bodily able to skip the APFT.

Those in receipt of retired pay are usually not allowed to switch into the Ready Reserve. There’s an exception, which is indexed below.

If a Soldier turned into involuntarily removed from the Ready Reserve, because of an motion taken via a retention or merchandising board, or because of statute or law, that Soldier is ineligible to switch returned to the Ready Reserve.

Ineligible for transfer:

Soldiers within the Retired Reserve for the following motives will now not be capable of follow for transfer into the Ready Reserve:

* A evaluation board, promotion board, or different board eliminated the Soldier from the Ready Reserve category that the Soldier is attempting to get again into.

* Statute calls for the Soldier to be removed from the Ready Reserve.

* If the Soldier were to successfully switch to the Ready Reserve, and that Soldier would mechanically be required to be eliminated from the Ready Reserve as required by way of law or law, that Soldier will not be capable of transfer again into the Ready Reserve.

* The Soldier is receiving retired pay, with the exception indexed in paragraph 6-5, AR a hundred and forty-10.

Application Process:

A Soldier within the Retired Reserve is taken into consideration as still within the Army. As such, the Soldiers can visit the nearest Career Counselor to assist get the switch method commenced.

As noted above, you want a medical assessment carried out that was reviewed by means of an Army doctor within the past 12 months. You additionally have to generate a memorandum. In this memorandum, you have got to signify the subsequent:

* That you’re asking for switch from the Retired Reserve to the IRR.

* The justification which you used in the memorandum that you included in your request to switch to the Retired Reserve.

*Whether you’re receiving incapacity reimbursement or no longer. If you are receiving incapacity compensation, how a whole lot you are receiving every month.

*Your willingness to serve inside the IRR, and to be qualified and to be had for deployment if wished.

If you transferred to the Retired Reserve for motives out of doors of being eligible to retire with pay at 60, and your new contract could bring you to your obligatory elimination date before you qualify to retire with pay, you furthermore mght ought to consist of the following assertion:

*The know-how which you are concern to mandatory elimination earlier than you can complete two decades of qualifying provider. This announcement, verbatim, may be observed in paragraph 6-5, AR one hundred forty-10.

If your IRR switch request is authorised, you’ll get switch orders shifting you from the Retired Reserve to the IRR. If you are enlisted, those orders could require you to immediately reenlist the day after the effective date on the order.


Contact your nearest Career Counselor for information in this manner, and evaluation the relevant sections of the references beneath.


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Travis is a freelance writer who served a quarter of a century, cumulative, of combined active and reserve military provider. He’s presently in the Army’s Retired Reserve.